Some example ideas:

  • Photo of our our G-Man cutout placed on top of a mountain
  • Drawing of Gordon Freeman
  • Photo of you posing with your favourite crowbar
  • Screenshot of your HL2:DM clan
  • Photo of your cat with a Headcrab hat

Mosaic for Valve

We are creating a mosaic for Valve, made up entirely of photos and images created by the community.

The mosaic is being made to show the passion of the community towards Half-Life. When the mosaic is completed in August, it will be uploaded for the world to view. It will also be printed out on a large, high-quality lithograph and given to Valve as a gift. It will form this image.

Before uploading your contribution, you must familiarise yourself with the rules and agreements and the FAQ. Once you have done so, proceed to the submission forms below to being your contribution!

How It Works

Take a photo or make an image showing how much you love and miss the Half-Life series Then upload your photo or image using the forms below We then produce a mosaic of the image above, made up using all the uploads, and send it to Valve

Submit Your Image

  • Uploads must contain no nudity, profane, adult, violent or copyrighted material
  • Uploads must be submitted in either JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF format
  • Uploads must have a maximum size of 2MB and larger than 600px in both dimensions
  • Uploads should not have a ratio larger than 1:5 in its dimensions
  • Uploads should be the work of the submitter only, and contain only the work of the submitter
  • Uploads must be relevant to Half-Life or Valve in some way (consider using our cutout)
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but make sure they vary in some way!
  • The deadline for uploads is at 23:59 GMT on September 1st 2012

View the full rules and conditions

By uploading, you hereby agree to the full set of rules & agreements.

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